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The rise of the phoenix?


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Current project

"It's human nature to find fascination in disaster; we're destroying our planet and I'm a witness to what's happening in our world. So, I paint what I see..."


Incorporating air, earth, fire and water, Elements is an artistic exploration of our world, exploring both the beauty and the horror of climate change and natural disasters. Depicting volcanic eruptions, scorched earth, burnt forests and turbulent seascapes, Elements captures the essence of today’s turbulent world... [MORE]

Past project

"When I was diagnosed with MS, my world changed. I wanted to use my art to raise awareness of the condition..."

Vitamin D is a vibrant exploration of the power of the sun's hold over our health. Raising awareness of MS and vitamin D deficiency, Miza brought the community together through a series of exhibitions celebrating the sun. 

There's a link between art and healing; Vitamin D was a journey into art therapy... [MORE]


Past project

Miza's early years paintings were created whilst she was living in Brazil, and are a visual depiction of her artistic journey.


Choosing oil as her paint of choice, Miza took inspiration from the landscape around her, and learnt her craft from the people around her.


Whilst creating this series of artowrk, Miza lived in a close knit Brazilian community, in which she learnt, taught and eventually sold her art, to her friends and neighbours...  [MORE]

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