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I paint because I love it. I don’t like labels – I just paint what I see, often through quirky or unusual viewpoints.

My art represents the world around me; I take my inspiration from nature and everything that comes with it – seascapes, landscapes, animals, plants and natural phenomena.

My travel experiences inspire me, I create my art by taking photos and working from them as a starting point. For example, the painting I’m working on now was inspired by a recent scuba diving experience; and my tornado painting was inspired by a tornado that happened in Portugal recently.

More recently, my work has focused on the effects of climate change on the fragile ecosystem of our home. It’s what is happening in the world right now, and what will eventually affect us in the future. Our climate is changing, we’re removing natural habitats, animals are becoming extinct, storms and natural disasters are becoming a common occurrence – but, these aren’t natural disasters, they’ve been created by us.

Painting is my way of living, and I like to break the rules. Through experimenting with materials and techniques, mixing oils and water, the paint takes its own shape on the canvas – reflecting the unpredictability of climate change in the natural world.

I am constantly seeking the unique – the thing that’s never been done before, that’s why I’m always experimenting with my art, my materials and my media. My works are one of a kind – to the point where even I wouldn’t be able to recreate them.

- Miza Tavares

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